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jChat – Ajax Chat/Messages System

[sociallocker id=”96016″] BUY NOW I $ 9 OR BUY NOW II $ 9 [/sociallocker] jChat is an ajax realtime chat/messages application created with jquery, php and mysql to be integrated to bootstrap admin panels templates...


Smooth Ajax Chat

[sociallocker id=”96016″] BUY NOW I $ 17 OR BUY NOW II $ 17 [/sociallocker] What is Smooth Ajax Chat ? Either you have decided to: Give your website’s users the chance to enjoy chatting with...


Advanced Social Chat

[sociallocker id=”96016″] BUY NOW I $ 10 OR BUY NOW II $ 10 [/sociallocker]       Advanced Social Chat Advanced Social Chat is a chat easy to implement, with great ease of use. You can...

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