Global world System Euro Jackpot 5/50

1000% free - In the unity of strength!

In this campaign we have 264 845 sets of 8 combinations per card coupon which are possible to use, ie ( See newton calculator ) 2 118 760 combinations + 2 out of 10 = 45 = 95 344 200 total combinations in Euro Jackpot !. Dividing the 8 combinations for one coupon gives us 264 845 so-called kits.
The pot will be renewed every day only so that everyone playing every day plays with other numbers so that no one out of the lotto is aware that it is a set of players

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I agree with the Terms & Conditions
1. I, the lower participant, declare that no matter what position he holds, I will not claim any rights to and towards the portal
2. I declare that I will use to the procedures stated in each step indicated.
3. I will not make any fuss.
4. every day I will download one new combination as part of the action / procedure.
5. I will not use / use private e-mail for this purpose, but as part of security, I will use the temporary mailbox at
6. I agree to receive information / notifications via temporary mailboxes from (see point 5)
7. if I win, I declare that I will not continue to play because I want others to have a chance to win
8. When I receive the combination, I will be familiar with the films on the facebook / YouTube platform as part of obtaining information to which I will receive a link to the film

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